By Melanie A. Katzman, Ph.D.

During lockdown, many of us turned to work to fill the social void. We spent more time Zooming with our colleagues than we could spend hanging out with friends or family members. We Zoomed into our coworkers’ homes and into each other’s eyes — our faces closer than if we had been in the same room. Our professional and personal personas merged. Although we were working remotely, greater intimacy developed between colleagues.

As a corporate consultant and clinical psychologist, I have spent the last year conducting webinars, advising companies, and coaching individuals on how to…

By Melanie A. Katzman, Ph.D.

As a business coach and clinical psychologist, my clients have spent the past year Zooming with me from their living rooms, home offices, even their closets, seeking help with everything from pivoting business strategies, to tackling calls for social justice, or to simply get through the day. After a year of anxiously wondering when (and sometimes, whether) businesses will re-open, the acceleration of the vaccine rollout means that — suddenly — the moment is now!

A chance to ask a different question

Many companies are asking “How soon can we return to onsite working?” This question tends to lead primarily to practical…

How to Approach the Generation Gap in the Workplace

Over the last thirty years I have had the privilege of being the psychologist not only in the therapy room, but also in the board room, conference room and corporate office. And I have heard a similar question from 25 year olds and 55 year olds: what should I do with my life? With a career ahead of them the pressure is on new entrants to the workforce to “make it meaningful”. Facing the prospect of retirement, the boomers refrain is “am I doing anything worthwhile, what will be my…

“You’re the man now, dog: Grey-haired execs and millennials collaborate to change the world”

Audacious ambition, sector shifting initiatives, work imbued with meaning while responding to market forces — it’s not youthful folly. It’s the opportunity for experienced executives to leverage their platforms for enhanced personal and professional impact. With greater experience, influence and access, baby boomers can now drive the systemic change they could only dream about when bell bottoms were first in style and they were raging vs ‘the man’.

The numbers are in:

Gallup’s recent 142-country study on the State of the Global Workplace reveals that only…


Clinical psychologist, business consultant & coach to the world’s top public & private companies. The WSJ #1 best-selling author of, “Connect First.”

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